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Frequently  asked  questions

and application Instructions



How are the photo on the plaques, pendants and key rings made ?

They are made using a polymer coated item and sublimation ink

This ink imbeds itself into the polymer coating on the item, and it becomes smooth to the touch, water proof,

 smear proof and highly scratch resistant

How are the photo on the decals made ?

They are made using premium, printable outdoor vinyl

The ink we use for the photo is Epson Dura Brite Ultra then the photo is clear laminated for weather protection 

When used outdoors the UV rays from the sun will limit the lifetime of the photo

If I order a photo decal, plaque, pendant, key chain or tag how do I get the photo you ?

Click here  Form to upload photo

Or copy and paste the below address into your browser 

SORRY we do not restore photos.

All computer screen resolutions, brightness, contrast, colors, etc.  are not the same, what looks good on your screen might not look good on ours.

You will receive a exact copy of the photo we receive.

How do I tell you the names, dates, color, size for my order?

It is Easy and Simple just find the decal you want in the shopping cart, scan down and fill in the information in the text and check boxes on that page, below the  -- Please choose --. 

Can I put additional wording in the first name box, middle initial box or last name box  ??  

   NO  Because of limited space on the decal,  NO not even if the text boxes allow you to add extra wording.

If you add a extra name in any of these boxes it will be considered as a middle initial.

EXAMPLE:  first name: John Quincy   middle initial:         last name: Adams

 first name: John    middle initial:         last name: Quincy Adams

Your decal will be made as: first name:  John   middle initial: Q.  last name:  Adams

Can I add a military rank , or  Sr.  Jr. etc. to the name   ?

YES  This is part of their name.

Can I add a nickname on the decal ?

 YES A separate box is provided for the nickname.  Nickname will be added in an appropriate space on the decal to look good with the decal ordered.

Sorry but no " quotation marks" are allowed on the nickname.

All decals except:   PS1 thru PS6

Can I add additional wording like:

We Miss You, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Etc.  

YES An additional wording box is provided.  Wording will be added in an appropriate space on the decal to look good with the decal ordered.   ( 20 characters max. )

All decals except:   PS1 thru PS6

Can I put the dates in this format on my decal ?   March 23 1944    November 16 2006  or  03-23-1944  - 11-16-2006  

NO   Because of limited space on the decal the dates must be in this format:  03/23/1944 - 11/16/2006

How do I pick my color and size of the decal I want?

The color and size drop down boxes are on the same form that you fill out for the name and dates that you want on the decal.

Do you have a color chart ?

YES  The color chart is on page:

You will see what the color will appx be and the colors we recommend according to the tint on your glass.

Do you have a size chart that will tell me what height and length my decal will be ?

YES  The size chart is on page: 

How will I know if my order is correct?

After you fill out the form on the decal you want and you click the -- Add to cart -- button the cart will show you what you ordered complete with everything you filled out on the form.

If you do not want the name, nickname, dates or additional wording on your decal just leave that text box on the form blank and it will not show up in the cart order.  

The cart order will show your purchase in this (Sample) format.

1 x ID# 3 Flowers = $12.99
First name --- John
Middle initial --- Q.
Last name --- Doe
Nickname -- Big John
B/D dates -- 12/20/1954 - 20/18/2010
Size-- 8 inch
Color-- White
Additional wording..-- Forever in our Heart

Because of limited space on the decal no extra wording is allowed ( except military rank, Jr, Sr, ) with the first name, middle initial or last name.   

Even if the text boxes allowed you to add extra wording and it shows on this above sample format it will not be on your decal.

Be sure to double check all of this for spelling and correctness of name, nickname, dates, size, color and correct if needed before finalizing the order.

You will also receive a copy of this cart order in your e-mail within minutes after you order.   

Check this e-mail to, If anything on this e-mail is wrong contact us immediately at 423-987-9137 so we can correct it before we make it and ship. 

 If you don't receive this copy of your order, the email was returned to us "undeliverable" due to an invalid email address being provided when the order was placed.

Do you have discounts for large orders ?

If you are looking for a decal company who use a temporary low grade cheap vinyl in order to offer ridiculously low prices and discounts to get you to buy from them.   We Suggest You Buy From Them.

We believe in a good quality product for a reasonable price.

We use a premium grade, outdoor, 5 to 7 year vinyl for better sticking, durability, good looking  and longer lasting decals.

Our decals are hand designed, smooth plotter cut, hand checked for accuracy, therefore the below discounts is all we offer. 

FREE shipping on orders of 3 or more.

FREE shipping and a 10% discount on order of $599.00 or more..

What color is the background of the decals? sells single color die cut vinyl decals, which means that the background is removed leaving only the image. They are applied with an application tape. Only the decal image pieces will remain on the surface when applied. They give the appearance of being painted on. We use the same vinyl material that is used for outdoor signs and vehicle graphics with outdoor durability of 5 to 7 years.

Do you have a catalog?

We use our online site as our visual and don't offer a printed catalog. If we do not list what you want just Contact us and ask

How much is the shipping?

Orders of 2 or less shipping is $5.99. USA only

How is my order shipped?

Orders are shipped United States Postal Service priority mail in a envelope, box or tube with delivery confirmation for tracking.

Do you ship international?

SORRY but we do not ship international. U.S.A. only.

If you order a decal to be shipped international, we will refund your money using PayPal to your e-mail address that you provided when placing the order.

If you are not in the U.S.A. we can ship to some one you know in the U.S.A.,

Just put their name and address in the ship to box when you fill out the order. When they receive the decal then they can forward it on to you.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Decal orders are mailed out Monday thru Friday except holidays. Please allow ten business days to receive your order.

Can I put my decal on the inside of the window?

By default the decals are cut to be applied to the outside.

Do you offer different sizes than the ones listed?

NO    All of our sizes are listed in this site at:

Do you make custom decals?

If you are looking for a decal not posted in the site, please contact us


Do you have other colors than the ones listed on the site?

NO    All of our colors are listed in this site at.

Do you make multiple color decals?

Our decals are single color die cut vinyl.  For full color decals you may want to consider a screen printer or large format digital printer

What is your return policy?

Sorry but all of our products are personalized so we do not replace or accept returns on any of our products unless we made a mistake in processing your order.

If you received the decal with a mistake while processing, damaged or missing parts we require a photo of the decal.

Please fill out this form and upload picture and state what is wrong with the decal.

We will make you a total new decal and send it to you  FREE. 

 If after we examine the photo you send against the photo we took of your decal before we sent

 it to you and we determine that the damage was our fault and the decal cannot be repaired we will replace your decal FREE of charge.

This determination to replace your decal free is our responsibility only. 

If we determine that the decal can be repaired we will send you the replacement part FREE.


We fully guarantee our decals ONLY when we install them. 

For your convenience we include complete application instructions with each order.

Do you have a decal installation page?

YES  The installation page is on:

We also include installation instructions with each order.

Do you ship C.O.D.?

SORRY  does not accept C.O.D. orders

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We can accept your credit card order on our secure site or by phone. Regular mail order is accepted with a money order.

SORRY we do not accept personal or business checks.

Can I pay with PayPal?

YES - We are a verified PayPal business member. You can use PayPal thru our secure web site.

How will I know if my order has shipped?

When your order is shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation notice in your email from U.S.P.S. 

 If you don't receive the shipping confirmation, the email was returned to us "undeliverable" due to an invalid email address being provided when the order was placed.

Conditions of Use

By ordering a decal from,  I agree to fill out the order form for my decal purchase as stated above. 

After I push the  -Add to cart-  button I will check the cart order for correctness with everything I filled out on the form and correct if needed before finalizing the order.  

I understand this cart order is what will receive.  

And will only design, make and ship to me what this cart order shows.  

I will not hold  liable for any misspelled text, text insertion, color or size of my decal that was submitted wrong when I placed the order.

We have hundreds of different graphics available that can be made into an "In Loving Memory" decal. Too many to list in this site.  If you do not see a decal graphic (graphic is the center picture inside the In Loving Memory decal)  that you like just Contact and tell us what you want.


Application  Instructions

Vinyl decals will stick to about any clean smooth surface. Make sure it is free of dirt, wax and grease. We recommend installation temp. of surface between 60 - 90 degrees. Below 60 degree temperature is not recommended. Tools to have on hand for install - tape measure, scissors, masking tape, glass cleaner, squeegee.  (For the best application order one of our application squeegees)

Note: Our decals are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defects.  We guarantee our decals when we install them but we can not guarantee them, if they are not installed properly or you destroy it during installation.

Do Not wash vehicle for at least a week after decal installation to insure that decal adhesives securely to window.

Do Not Abuse: Do not directly power wash decals or scrape with ice scraper.   Windshield wipers will not hurt these decals.

(NOTICEOur decals are made to be applied to the outside of the window. 

If you apply to the inside everything will be backwards when seen through the window.

STEP 1.  Using regular glass cleaner, clean the surface where the decal is to be applied.  If necessary, use stronger cleaners first, then go over the area with glass cleaner last.

(very important) Make sure glass is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. (decal will not not stick to wet or damp glass)

STEP 2.  Temporarily place the decal in the desired area with a small piece of masking tape holding each end of the decal to the vehicle.  With a tape measure, align the decal with the straightest body line on the vehicle

STEP 3. Apply a long piece of tape along the top of the decal, with approx. half of the tape located on the edge of the decal and the other half on the surface of the vehicle.

STEP 4.  With the large hinged flap that is formed, raise the flap and begin to remove the backing paper, starting evenly along the top.

STEP 5.  With the backing paper half peeled downward, begin to smooth the decal to the surface of the vehicle with a  decal squeegee. (decal squeegee available in our store)

STEP 6.  Continue smoothing out the decals with short horizontal strokes, starting on top and working towards the bottom.  Continue to slowly remove the backing paper as you go.

STEP 7.  Once decal is firmly applied to surface of vehicle, peel back the transfer tape (white paper covering).

STEP 8.  Finish removing transfer tape, and with a pin, create a small hole in any remaining air bubbles.  Then with your finger or a squeegee, slowly work out any air bubbles.

STEP 9.  If your decal is a photo decal, remove backing from photo and apply photo to center of decal.   ( if your decal is not a photo decal please disregard this step)


Step back and admire your finished decal



When our daughter was killed by a drunk driver in 1992 we made and In Loving Memory decal for her and put it on our car, 

We thought other people might want one to honor their loved one so we built this site  in our daughters honor.   

Our daughters memorial site:


 A poem to all who have lost a child   

A poem for our daughter who was killed by a drunk driver on 4/4/92


Hit Counter

Included FREE with your decal order

1.  Detailed application instructions.

Have you seen   a place for your loved one on the internet, free 3 month listing.


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