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" In Loving Memory "

Can be easy personalized with your loved ones
Name, B/D dates, Nickname and additional
wording like "Mom"  "Dad"  "Brother"
 "Forever in our heart" or etc.
The names and dates and additional wording that
you want on the decal are inserted in the decal for a
beautiful smooth proportioned look by a
 professional In Loving Memory decal designer.
All of our decals are clean plotter cut and
hand weeded and checked for accuracy
and workmanship before shipping.
These decals are made from a premium grade
3 mil. outdoor 5 to 7 year gloss sign vinyl . This
vinyl produces extremely good results for outdoor
or indoor window decals. 

All orders include FREE application instructions.

You have lost your loved one
Whether it was your husband, wife, child, mother,
 father, friend, relative, etc., your grief is very real,
and painful.  As time passes, the hurt eases, and
you remember the good times you shared;
Those memories are yours forever.
Decals or In Loving Memory items
serve as a  reminder  as well as a  tribute 
to your deceased loved one an helps you express
your undying love for your special friend
or family member.  
They help keep your remembrance of your
loved one close and helps the grieving process.
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